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Hongye hotel furnishings decorations

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Hongye hotel furnishings decorations

    Thanks to a range of products, colors and finished products, you will be able to create a unique atmosphere, tailored to suit your build and the needs of your customers. Whether you want your hotel room to be modern, traditional, or even retro, you‘ll find everything you need from the headboard to the nightstand. For large modern hotels, inns or real palaces, you'll find the perfect furniture in our collection of chairs, armchairs, sofas, bar stools, benches and tables, they will provide the highest level of comfort and refinement for your guests.

    Are you an innkeeper or a restaurateur? Discover our wide range of chairs in a variety of styles: modern, classic, elegant or conference chairs, designed for all institutions open to the public. The High End Restaurant chairs designed by HongYe are completely customizable: you can choose fabrics or materials that suit your taste or existing interior design as the base and legs. Comfortable and elegant, they are made entirely in our workshop in Bodinio, France. Would you prefer a custom one? Our Design Office will draw the best chair for you according to your requirements. Look at all our chairs and bridge chairs!

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