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Howard Johnson Qunsheng Plaza Guizhou
 Intersection of Siya Road and Simeng Road, Guiyang, Guizhou, China
Hotel Furniture Solution Project for Howard Johnson 
Discover the epitome of luxury and sophistication at Howard Johnson Guizhou Qunsheng Hotel, an
international five-star business conference hotel in the heart of Gui'an New District, Guizhou
Province, China. Invested and built by China Qunsheng Group, one of the top 100 private
enterprises in China, and fully managed by Great China Hotels (Hong Kong) Co., LTD, this hotel
exemplifies the perfect blend of nature, culture, and high-end hospitality.
As part of the prestigious Wyndham Group, Howard Johnson Hotel is strategically located in the
Qunsheng Dazhihui Business Center, offering a total floor area of approximately 70,000 square
meters. With over 500 hotels in 22 countries and regions worldwide, it caters to both international
and domestic travelers, providing top-notch services for business meetings, leisure, and tourism.

Furniture Supply Project:
Guangdong Hongye Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is honored to be a key player in the
furniture supply project for Howard Johnson Guizhou Qunsheng Hotel, securing a successful bid of
over 15 million yuan. The collaboration aims to elevate the hotel's ambiance and comfort to meet
the highest standards. 
Featuring 368 luxury guest suites, the hotel provides a welcoming haven for both business and
leisure travelers. The rich and diverse theme rooms ensure a warm and homely experience,
reflecting the essence of Guizhou's nature and customs.

Conference Facilities:
The hotel boasts 32 international conference banquet halls, including a grand international
conference hall with classic luxury conference tables and leather chairs, accommodating hundreds
of people. Customized office furniture enhances the functionality of the international conference
room, while specially designed tables and chairs grace the hotel banquet hall.

Leisure Spaces:
For relaxation, the hotel offers comfortable living room leisure chairs crafted from quality fabric
and durable wooden armchairs made from HDF wood. These pieces seamlessly blend with the
Guizhou-themed design elements and stainless steel custom screens, showcasing the unique
beauty of Guizhou.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:
Setting a new standard, the hotel includes a round-table conference room capable of simultaneous
interpretation in six UN official languages. This versatile space accommodates 3,000 people and
complements other large-scale lecture halls, theatre halls, and VIP rooms, providing
comprehensive international conference facilities.

Furniture Installation:
Hongye Furniture Group proudly extends its expertise beyond Howard Johnson Hotel, as it is also
the chosen supplier for the Guian New Area International Talent Apartment (Hotel) in Guiyang,
Guizhou. The installation and placement of all hotel furniture are scheduled for completion by July 30.

Customization Services:
Hongye Furniture Group's commitment to excellence extends to offering customizable furniture
solutions. From conference tables and executive desks to coffee tables, sofas, and filing cabinets,
the group ensures a professional and customer-centric approach, delivering quality and
satisfaction with every piece.
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