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Delphi Sky Hotel
Delphi Sky Hotel
 No.18 Jichang Avenue, Nanning, Guangxi, China

Hotel Furniture Solution Project for Delphi Sky Hotel

Project name: DELPHI SKY HOTEL
Space style: modern light luxury style
Project address: Nanning Wuwei Airport
Project amount: 29.47 million
Supplier: Hongye Furniture Group

DELPHI SKY HOTEL Is a large-scale comprehensive hotel invested and built by Guangxi Airport Management Group. It is a characteristic name card of Guangxi facing ASEAN. With a construction area of 47,000 square meters, there are executive suites, themed cultural rooms, luxury standard rooms and other guest rooms. The circular distribution of guest rooms allows passengers to enjoy the full perspective of the airport apron landscape. Equipped with Chinese restaurant, large multi-function hall, conference room, full-time restaurant, gym and other public service areas of 12,000.
Delphi Sky Hotel
The new landmark of Nanning Wuwei Airport in Guangxi Province
It is an international gateway hub airport facing ASEAN
Hotel ring form layout allows more than 80% of the guest rooms
Can enjoy the full view of the apron landscape, extraordinary style design
Just to give you a comfortable space to rest
The modern deductive space in the hotel is shaped by the connotation of implicit and introverted culture
Mature and imposing
Innovative fusion design for you to present
Elegant and unique space atmosphere
The hotel has themed rooms with business views
Business culture theme room Executive view suite
Advanced connected rooms and other 16 categories of guest rooms

A total of 419 rooms
And Delphi's two specialty restaurants
The hotel has 5 banquet hall,
Multi-function hall can meet various types of meetings
Press conference, business talks, etc

The hope is to lead the public back to book reading
Thinking about life and savoring "slow Life" through reading
This is also the best interpretation of the current consumption upgrade stage
Hotel apartment furniture has a unique design that is retro yet stylish and gives a refreshing feel.
The hotel has prepared a lot of wooden leather dining chairs,star hotel dinning tables and fabric sofas for customers to rest.

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