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Hongye hotel seating furniture design

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Hongye hotel seating furniture design

Our contract restaurant and hotel seating ensures you have the best selection of stylish and eye-catching pieces that are fully in line with your existing brand aesthetics. From elegant bar stools to comfortable, majestic bath chairs, at Hongye furniture we have a wide range of hotel seating options that won‘t disappoint. We understand the client’s need for style and function, which is why we have a large number of custom and Custom Hotel and restaurant seating options, and you can certainly find a chair that meets both needs. 

Hongye group is an award-winning contract seat manufacturer specializing in the provision of high-quality seats for any hotel environment. Our experts specialize in the design of hotel and restaurant seating to complement your existing decor, offering custom and custom options to meet your personal needs.

We work with designers, purchasing agents, brands and ownership groups to understand that teamwork is critical to creating beautiful hotel interiors. We live design with our partners to ensure that each design concession is filled with our passion for custom seating design and production.

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