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Hongye was beautifying professional and public spaces for more than 25 years together with our modern, distinctive furniture designs.

Casegoods from Hongye grace hotels, offices, lobbies, nursing homes, casinos and specialist buildings across the world.

Together with our headquarters, designers, and manufacturing center all located here in Guangdong China, our customers enjoy the kind of quality, responsibility and attention to detail that just can not be outsourced.

Hospitality Furniture

Casegoods could be manufactured to your specs, in a range of finishes, colours, and fabric blends absolutely unmatched in the market: Check out our endings and hardware here.

In-house designers are ready to help you do anything out of coordinating with all existing furniture into making a one-of-a-kind fashion which will be exclusive for your own suites.

We can help you supply your resort with exceptional casegoods your guests are certain to remember. Wardrobes, armoires, platform beds, entertainment furniture, desks, nightstands, dressers, and mirrors are a couple of of the bits we customize and manufacture.

Hongye custom hotel furniture is designed and manufactured here in our Guangdong China mill to just the greatest standards.

Contract Furniture

When it is a home office or even a corporate complicated, Hongye can design and then create the intricate bits that display your business's individuality and fashion. Want to impress customers and clients with gorgeous, professional quality furniture at the office, lobby or conference room? Let's be your spouse. Our contemporary designs do not just exhibit a fairly face to people, either. The attention to detail we put into every bit helps to ensure that each drawer slides open easily, each cupboard door opens and closes smooth as silk.

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